Business IT Support & Maintenance

Any computer engineer can remove a virus or repair a Windows corruption. We recognise that good IT support for your business goes much further than this and therefore have decided to dedicate an entire section of our website to it. If you would like to see what server technologies we support and can provide or what level of desktop support we excel at please browse the relevant links above.

Distinct IT is a privately owned business that has been delivering IT support for over a decade and understands that the best possible service is not just a fast reactive one but one that is proactive and provides positive suggestions based on new emerging technologies to help improve the business processes of our clients. We don’t expect our clients to know what technology is available or what is possible to achieve through the use of a computer system. Our clients know their business and excel in their own services. Let us do the research and testing for you, think of us as your in house IT department.

Its amazing how many new clients we take on that cannot answer the following questions:

“How do your backups work and are they successful?”, “Who hosts your website and is it being backed up?”, “Who is responsible for renewing your domain?”, “Who is your internet provider?”, “What antivirus do you use and is it up to date?”, “Do you have a disaster recovery plan?”, “Who has remote access to your network?”

We can take control of any the above for you and can make it as transparent as you feel comfortable, for example, do you want us to monitor your backups or take control of your domain renewals. Would you like us to perform an annual disaster recovery test simulating what would happen if you had a fire or theft? The bottom line is that we understand how important keeping your business running is and can provide all the skills you need to keep things running smoothly or in the event of a major problem, get you back up and running fast.

There has been lots of changes over the past few years with Microsoft retiring their Small Business Server products and pushing SME's into the cloud with Office 365. This has been quite an upheaval for some, requiring new hardware and license compliance and even adjustments in business processes to deal with these changes. Quite a daunting experience considering the level of change from what businesses have been used to over the past 10 - 15 years. We have kept abreast of these changes and specialize in proving full cloud or mixed hybrid style systems.

We can provide support ranging from a full maintenance agreement to pay as you go. Our maintenance agreements have no fixed term and our clients can cancel at anytime they wish. We are so confident that we will do a good job that we believe the client should not be tied in to any length of contract.

If you would like us to come over and provide a free assessment of your network, listen to your concerns and provide some suggestions on how we can help then just give us a call on 01633 670603.