Maintenance Agreements

Take a look at the Business IT Support section of our website to see the services we provide. This page is designed to show you the different mechanisms that we use to charge for the support that we provide.

Full Unlimited Support

Every business is different but when there is a problem we recognise that you need support immediately. Unlimited support is our preferential way of looking after our clients as we work out a suitable monthly fee based upon a full site survey and then you can call us as when you need us and we dont invoice for any time spent fixing a problem. We also include labour for non failures in the sense that we will also cover the installation of new PC or the update of 3rd party software such as sage. In fact the only labour we would ever look to charge you for would be an installation of a new server. All our full monthly agreements have no fixed term so you are free to cancel at any time. We do this to give you the confidence that if you come on board your not tied in, its up to us to do a good job and we wont let you down. Take a look at the business IT support section of our website to see more about the services we cover.

Pay As You Go

This option comes with no financial or contractual commitment from yourselves; if you need us you call us. We charge a callout charge which includes the first 30 minutes onsite and then an hourly rate thereafter. We do not round up to the nearest hour and charges are calculated by the minute to ensure that our pricing structure is fair. Callout charges and hourly rates vary depending on location and travel time. For example a callout to the city centre of Bristol where we have to park in an expensive car park would cost more than a local callout to Newport with free parking. Call us for details on pricing for your area.

Set Visits

This option involves us visiting any of your premises on set dates throughout the year. Based upon your company size and IT infrastructure we can suggest an appropriate amount of days, for example 1 or 2 days per month or quarter. With this method there is no callout charge for the visits only the time onsite. If a full day is not required then the time left remaining for that day is put into reserve and can be used when required for a callout or for remote support outside of the set visits. The advantage of this option is that it promotes a proactive approach to IT support in the sense that our services are not just used when there is a problem but also for routine maintenance tasks such as checking backups, antivirus and making sure that PC’s are up to date. These days can also be used to provide training to staff on things like Microsoft Office features or to implement new IT strategies.

Bolt Ons

As well as our standard support packages we offer several bolt on extras that can give you peace of mind. These include weekly remote checks of backups and antivirus updates, set visits each time a Microsoft Update is released to ensure maximum security on your network, spam and email protection and much more. Contact us for details.

Bespoke Packages

We understand that every business is different and what works for one may not necessarily work for another. For this reason we can tailor a support package to suit yourselves such at a maintenance package that covers an infinite amount of callouts and even hardware failures. Call us for details and a free site survey whereby we can accurately assess you requirements.