Antivirus & Security

As an IT support company we have tested many Antivirus packages ranging from popular products such as Symantec Antivirus, AVG & Panda to not so well known ones including Clamwin & Comodo. We regularly see client’s laptops and PC’s with malware and viruses and these machines have a wide array of different packages.

Our Antivirus of choice is Sophos Antivirus and we are part of their reseller network by choice due to their exceptional detection rates and manageability. Sophos has central reporting and will monitor all of your staff members PC’s and laptops whether they are on site or at home. If at any point they pick up a bug it will deal with it and report back to the central console and alert key people by email so that you can be sure that you and us are able to proactively get in touch with the individual to make sure that their machine is clear before it has a chance to do any damage to your business data. The central management console also alerts us with regards to client updates ensuring that each and every device is up to date with its virus definitions. This takes away the responsibility from the end user, better protects your data and lets us stay on top of things from one location.

If you don’t have Sophos and have a virus or malware that you need help with or even if you computer is just not performing right and you would like a service and a full virus scan just to be sure just give us a call and we can attempt to fix remotely using our excellent remote support software. Alternatively you can also pop in to our workshop at anytime where we will be happy to help.