Backup Solutions

Onsite Backup Solution

Having an onsite backup is a staple requirement for every business. Imagine your server crashing and losing all your data, how your business continue to function? What would the costs be to get back and running? Its something that you will never need until a disaster so its critical to have and super important to check and stay on top of. We recommend having at least two backup drives and that they are swapped over daily and that the backup hard drive that isn’t plugged in is taken offsite. This alternative approach ensures you are able to recover your data even if the entire office burns down. Offsite backups also help with this and also add an extra level of protection but we always suggest that an onsite backup happens in conjunction due to the ease of recovery and the ability to more easily take a full system image backup rather than just files and folders.

Cloud Based Backup Solution

Our Cloud based backup solutions start from £10 per month, we can schedule backups to perform on a daily or weekly basis at particular times depending on your needs. Cloud backups take the responsibility away of having to swap backup drives and also remove the risk of losing your backup drives due to fire or theft. If the worst was to happen your data is stored securely in an offsite location ready to be restored. Even though cloud based backups are a belt and braces option we still suggest having an onsite solution as its often quicker to recover a few hundred GB’s from USB drive. Cloud backup solutions are quoted for after a full analysis of your network. We have to consider key facts so that we feel confident that we are providing you with a suitable solution, considerations such as the required storage space, your internet upload speed and also the network environment surrounding the server. Our cloud backups now fully support Microsoft SQL Server so we can take automatic backups of key software such as Iris, Digita and any other applications that use SQL.