Desktop Support

In today’s modern world of technology it’s crucial that you get a fast response time when you need it most. Distinct IT recognises that time lost to a company due to your staff being down due to IT costs you real money and headaches with deadlines failing to be met and our clients not being able to service their own customers to the best of their ability.

Even though we recognise that your server is the engine under the bonnet, your desktops are where your staff drive the business machine forward. Poor performing desktops through either bad hardware, inefficient software or just a system craving improvement or alternative better ideas can have a serious negative effect on your company.

Distinct IT firmly believes in a proactive approach to IT support. It is often the case that problems can be avoided with a well maintained computer system. Distinct IT offers the confidence and peace of mind that when a problem does occur we are only a phone call away. Every call is allocated a level of urgency and this reflected in our speed of response. For calls that have a high level of urgency like a server down or an integral piece of software not working we will respond to that immediately with no delay. If the problem cannot be resolved on the phone coupled with our state of the art remote support we aim to dispatch an engineer within the hour that will be able to correct the problem onsite. For non urgent problems a time would be booked into the diary at the convenience of both parties.

At the end of the day you need to keep your staff working at all times and we are always on hand to make sure that you IT will not let you down. We can also assist with setting up remote access for staff who cannot get into work for whatever reason, its our belief that workers should not be restrained to within the walls of the business. Remote access, Cloud and mobile technologies are at the heart of our support.