Distinct IT are able to provide fully managed Cat5e / Cat6 networks giving you speeds of up to 1000mbps (1Gbps) which enables you to achieve speeds of up to 10 times faster than standard 100mbps networks. This makes accessing files and using software such as Sage where the data is held centrally blisteringly fast which reduces frustrations and increases productive time throughout the day. We can also install full trunking with data points, hub cabinets and patch panels to make the management and ease of use of the network to be of the highest quality.

We also specialise in site to site links via secure VPN connections enabling maximum communication between businesses with multiple sites. This technology can also be adapted to provide your members of staff with a secure form of remote access to the files within your network and with fibre broadband becoming more common you are no longer restricted to work within the walls of the business, your data can be available securely from anywhere.

Distinct IT are also wireless specialists and have their finger on the pulse of new network technologies such Ethernet Over Power where we plug special converters into your power sockets which give you network speeds of over 500 mbps through your existing power cabling infrastructure minimising messy cables and disruption whilst maximising performance.

Basically whatever your requirement, we have the expertise to advise correctly and provide you with the options you need as a business to be successful.

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