Server Support

Distinct IT fully supports all Microsoft Server family technologies from old to new. We offer support for older servers such as Windows Small Business Server 2003, 2008 & 2011 and also specialise in up to date server platforms such as 2012 and 2012 R2 and also the new and emerging 2016 Server. Along with the underlying server operating system we also excel in the applications that run on top providing the core business services such as Exchange Server, IIS, Active Directory, SQL Server and many more. We also have engineers experienced in Linux technologies and specialise in many different distributions.

A well built and managed server is the heart of any network. Whether you are security conscious with regards to files or connectivity, require enhanced communication ability, mobile access to your network or require total email and user management, we can provide you with the server technology to suit your needs.

We regularly meet with prospective customers that do not fully utilise the power of their server. Either because it is not configured properly, or because they were never told about its full potential. We like to make you aware in jargon free language what your business can achieve from a new or existing server. Becoming aware of some of the additional functionality of the server may create thought processes or ideas that you can apply to areas of your business to increase productivity and efficiency.

We have a variety of hardware options with the servers we provide such as dual processors, redundant power supplies, full RAID capability with either Striping or Mirroring or even the option of running Virtual Servers on a Host such as ESXi or Linux to increase the scalability and redundancy of the server enabling a total backup solution. Whatever the technology required we are able to provide it with confidence. We usually build and configure server hardware in house, but in some cases rack mountable blade servers are required. We have options through our reseller channels to provide Dell, HP, Fujitsu and many other major brands of servers.